Standing or jogging recoveries?

You’re doing an interval workout. Do you jog your recoveries or stand?

This has long been a debate in the running world. I’ve honestly leaned toward the “depends on the goals of the workout” philosophy. I don’t necessarily have any evidence to support that but it makes sense that, for some workouts, you want to keep moving while you want to take full rest for some others.

Well, Alex Hutchinson has a take on this. He says jog the recoveries but you might want to read why. It’s not what you might expect. There is no physiological magic behind it.

Don’t focus on “fixes”

Have you had someone try to “fix” your running form? I’ve always been very hesitant to try to fix someone’s form. Generally speaking, you will find your most efficient form. As you get more fit, your form will “clean itself up” to an appropriate extent.

Well, Stuart McMillan makes a good case for not fixing your form. Obviously, this makes a lot of sense to me because it’s in line with what I have always thought. However, I think the argument is convincing regardless of previously held beliefs.

Don’t put too much faith in what your watch tells you

I’m sure any of us with modern running watches have experienced this: you do an easy run and your watch says you need 3 days to recover from it. You do an intense workout and your watch says you need just 12 hours to recover.

Of course, we know neither of these is true. This is a great example of how technology companies are still trying to figure out how best to measure training load, both to measure fitness and to estimate things like needed recovery.

Again, Alex Hutchinson has some interesting insight on this topic. The short story: as we know, the technology doesn’t always do a great job. However, there may be improvements coming.

As I always recommend, listen to your body. If your body and your watch agree, great. If not, your body is almost certainly telling you the truth.

Finally, an explanation/apology

Yes, this is a week late. I apologize but promise to do my best to get back on schedule with another post next week. I was on my first real vacation in three years last week, didn’t get this written before the vacation, and just didn’t have the energy to get this done when I returned. I apologize for being late but I don’t apologize for prioritizing my vacation or my wellness upon returning. I hope you understand and I hope you would make the same decisions if you got behind on something following a long overdue break. Preview: I’m almost certainly going to be expanding on this in next week’s post.

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