Stay positive

It can sometimes be hard to find the good in a bad experience but it is worth trying

The runners I coach know that I can and will put a positive spin on almost anything.

Had a bad race? It’s a learning experience. Bad workout that you had to cut short? At least you did the smart thing and didn’t do any damage by trying to push through. Tough long run? Good practice for handling challenges on race day.

Why do I do this? Well, in part because I just try to live my life as a “glass half full” kind of guy. What good does dwelling on the negatives do for us? Learn from the bad parts of life and mistakes that were made, then move on with more wisdom to guide the way.

Even more important, it’s well established that people who do find the positive in things do better. It makes sense. If you’re always dwelling on the negative, your motivation and engagement are going to lag. If you learn from the negative experiences but then move on and focus on the positive, you’ll be more motivated and engaged. This will lead to better results.

Please note that I’m not saying ignore the negative. Learn from these experiences. The key is to not dwell on them once you’ve learned the lessons they offer. Remember the lessons that have been learned but put the experiences that led to those lessons behind you.

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