Strength training, “running is my drug of choice”

We all accept that strength training is beneficial for runners, right? But what to do? There are so many different forms you can do. What ones really help for runners?

Well, a couple of things I read this month drove the point home: Yes, strength training is beneficial for runners. The key point, though, is that almost anything will help if you have been doing nothing.

Personally, while I do believe anything is better than nothing, I believe the combination of runners more likely sticking to the routine plus working multiple muscles in coordination makes “complex” body weight exercises like squats, lunges and push ups for the upper body are probably best for most runners.

The runner’s high: endorphins or endocannabinoids? “Running is my drug of choice” might be a more fitting statement than we realized.

How do elites handle the heat? An interesting look and some results that remind us that what we’re often told (in this case, I’m thinking of “you must replace all the fluids you lose”) is sometimes not true.

Does mental fatigue slow you down? Simple question. Seemingly obvious answer. But the data (at least as of now) is not quite there to support the idea.

How much do you need to maintain fitness? Not that much, as long as you maintain your intensity. Just remember, this isn’t what it takes to build fitness. Just maintain.

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