Team 2020 Virtual Al’s Run

Unfortunately, things won’t be quite like this in 2020

Team I’m sorry for the delay in getting this together. It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it?

While we won’t have an in person Al’s Run this year, I’d still like to have an appropriately distanced Team virtual Al’s Run if at all possible. Here’s what I’m thinking, though of course I’m open to ideas:

First, the good news: you can definitely sign up as a member of Team for the virtual Al’s Run this year. In fact, for the one benefit of this setup, if you don’t live in the Milwaukee area but want to be a member of the team, you can! Just sign up here!

If you’re not in the Milwaukee area, you can do the virtual event on your own or with your friends. Just pick out an 8K course and run it on your own.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, I would still like to do a properly distanced team run and social. What I’m thinking of right now is taking advantage of the Bugline in Sussex for the run and using Village Park in Sussex for a team social. I’m still very open to ideas but this is what I’m coming up with right now. We can work out the details as a team later.

Just a reminder, Al’s Run is scheduled for September 12th. I’d love to see you then if you can make it!

This is, needless to say, a strange year but, when things like this are happening, it’s more important than ever when can be done safely to keep our social connections alive. I think getting the team together in a safe manner would be a great way to do that and good for the runner’s soul.

Again, whether local or remote, whether you can make it to the team event or not, you’re welcome to join Team! I’m always grateful to everyone who is willing to represent this site.

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