Training at home

This wasn’t done at home but it is something you can do at home

Now that almost the whole world is spending what seems like it could be a significant amount of time at home, it’s past time to discuss training at home.

Fortunately, running is a simple sport. For most of us, heading out the front door for a run is an option. However, what about those of us for whom that isn’t an option, either because we live in a place where things are serious enough that we can’t go outside even to exercise or because we live in a place where running from your front door isn’t an option?

Affecting probably more of us, what about those other things I hope you’re doing? What about your auxiliary training? Do you normally use public weight rooms that are now closed?

I always like body weight exercises for runners. If you normally lift weights but that is now not an option, this is a great time to try some of these exercises.

I’m going to make available for the next month (today, April 9th through Friday, May 8th) a video normally only available to Club members.

Base Strength is a video I often reference because it’s a great all around strength training routine for runners. It requires no equipment. All you need is a flat surface and your body for resistance. If you want to get into serious equipment, a stair is great (but not necessary) for the first exercise.

Please take ideas from this video and do them in your living room, front yard, or whatever other place you currently have available. If running isn’t an option, do them with little to no recovery between exercises and you’ll be surprised how much you can raise your heart rate. It may not be long but it’s better than nothing.

In addition, don’t forget other exercises you can do. Walking lunges, pushups, whatever you can think of. Something is better than nothing and, if you can come out of this with better strength and maybe a little better resistance to injury, that wouldn’t be all that bad of a result.

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