Vitamin D/sun and more on restrictive diets

A few weeks ago, an article was going around on sunscreen. On the chance you haven’t seen it, I thought it would be worth sharing here, as well as one other link on Vitamin D.

Also earlier this month, I wrote a post about nutrition, where I was especially harsh on restrictive diets. As I was writing that but a little too late to shoehorn it in, an article came up in my newsfeed that I felt was a good fit for that post. I’ll share it here as an end of month addendum.

Is sunscreen causing more harm than good?

As I mentioned, this article made quite a splash when it was published. It was getting a lot of attention in the week or so after it went live, for good reason. It’s a well researched and written article that takes on a very commonly held belief.

Essentially, the argument is that the sunscreen we all have been told is essential for preventing deadly forms of cancer may be causing more harm than it is preventing by preventing our bodies from getting the healthy benefits of sunlight.

I’m not going to tell you to throw all your sunscreen out and I haven’t thrown all my sunscreen out. However, it’s definitely worth a read and some thought. Maybe we should use sunscreen at certain times but also allow ourselves to soak up some amount of sun at other times.

High dose vs. low dose Vitamin D

While we’re on the topic of Vitamin D (one of the benefits of getting some sun) what about Vitamin D supplements? There has been a lot of debate in recent years on supplementing Vitamin D and some have been promoting the idea of mega doses.

Are mega doses really beneficial? It appears maybe not. At least in terms of bone density, high doses don’t seem to offer any benefit that low doses don’t offer.

It doesn’t appear from this study that high doses have negative side effects. So, if you still believe that high dosages help strengthen the immune system or have some other benefit, there’s nothing in here saying that you are causing harm with those dosages but bone health, according to this study at least, is not a benefit of high dosages.

Low carb? Not so fast

As I already mentioned, I already wrote this month about nutrition and was specifically tough on restrictive diets such as low carb.

Ironically, as I was writing that, this article appeared in my news feed.

Essentially, you could think of it as another shot across the bow (or, in my opinion, another nail in the coffin) of the low carb diet. Not really breaking news but another reminder that certain carbs are, in fact, quite healthy.

Some carbs, such as the added sugars you find in many processed foods and especially in sweetened drinks, are particularly unhealthy. Others, such as those you find in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, are particularly healthy. This makes targeting carbs as a whole, instead of just targeting the unhealthy added sugars, a bad idea.

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