Watch how you’re using that watch

I’ve written and spoken repeatedly about the risks of becoming too reliant on our tech, specifically our watches when it comes to running.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one offering those warnings. Jason Fitzgerald sounds a lot like me on this topic.

Be careful how you use your watch. Don’t freak out over a measure that is a little off on a single run. Pay attention but don’t even panic if you seem to see a trend. As for using the watch on the run, try not to. It’s much better to develop the skills to judge your efforts without the use of outside measurements.

Modern watches are amazing tools. However, if we become too reliant on them, we lose our ability to use the most amazing tool at our disposal: our own perception of how things are going.

What will the future of endurance sports hold? It’s safe to say probably faster times. But how? What will lead to continued performance improvements? Some interesting thoughts on that.

What does a week of bed rest do to you? And how do you bounce back? I was surprised by how much a week of bed rest can do to a trained athlete.

Finally, a little on nutrition. Almost everyone could do a better job getting fruits and veggies into our diets. Do you make smoothies to try to help? If so, what are the nutrition consequences of turning your produce into a drink?

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