“What shoes do you recommend?”

Sorry but my shoes probably aren’t the best choice for you

It’s definitely a frequently asked question and one I’ve seen even more frequently over the past month or so for some reason. “What shoes do you recommend?” Alternatively, someone might ask “What is the best shoe?”

Either way, the correct answer is the same: I don’t know.

The problem is everyone’s foot is different. As a result, the perfect shoe for me may be the absolutely wrong shoe for you.

We’ve all heard about pronation and shoe type. Generally speaking, those with excessive pronation should wear motion control shoes and those with not enough pronation should wear cushioned shoes.

However, there are other considerations. How high or low are your arches? Do you have narrow or wide feet? Are your heels narrow but forefoots wide?

All of these things might make different models of shoes work for you and others not.

With all of these variables to consider, it’s impossible for me to simply tell you what shoe you should get.

Instead, you should look for your nearest running specialty store. Don’t just go to any shoe store if you have a choice. Find a place that specializes in running and will have knowledgeable staff who will help you find the right shoe for you and allow, if not even encourage, you to try at least a few different models so you can find what works best for you.

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