What’s the best time to run?

I know I’ve posted about this before and I’m going to end by saying the same thing I always say. However, we do have more research on the benefits of exercising at different times.

In short, it seems that for burning fat morning works best. For managing blood sugar, later in the day works better. The managing blood sugar side actually coincides with prior research that has shown people who work out later in the day do manage their blood sugar better than those who do first thing in the morning.

And now the usual stipulation: what time is best for you is the time that works best for your schedule. The time of day you target doesn’t matter as much as actually getting it done. So do what works best for you.

What can we take away from the training of the elites? It seems like this is an article I see at least a few times a year. Every time, we take away something different. This time, we’re given 5 takeaways. Good food for thought at the least.

Do compression garments help? Yes, something else I’ve written about before. The answer hasn’t change. In an extremely comprehensive review of studies, the result was…well, not all that conclusive. Physiologically, not a lot of evidence of benefit. When it comes to perception, there were more clearly benefits. Is this a placebo effect or something we just can’t or haven’t measured? Hard to tell. The good news is there doesn’t seem to be evidence that compression garments are harmful. So, if you find they help, use them. If you find they don’t, though, there’s probably no harm in not using them.

Finally, something a little different. Do you find running fast to be more of a grind than a pleasure? Well, here are a few thoughts on making running fast fun. I like these ideas and I definitely like the idea of finding the fun in what you’re doing. If you can enjoy the process, you’re much more likely to stick it out and accomplish your goals, not to mention still be running years or even decades from now, which to me is the most important thing.

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