You can build muscle and strength

You’ve probably heard the idea that endurance training blocks or greatly reduces the ability to muscle mass and strength through strength training. It’s been “common knowledge” for decades.

However, there is some evidence that’s not totally accurate.

More important for those of us who are focusing on maximizing our running performance: what does this do for the runner? It appears the greatest benefit comes from fatigue resistance. So, along with already documented injury prevention benefits, strength train to improve your performance late in races when you are exhausted but looking for that extra gear to chase down the competition or your goal time.

If you follow elite athletes on social media, you may have noticed that a lot of them are not just elite athletes, they are elite nappers. I’ve always assumed that they just train so hard that they need the extra rest an afternoon nap can offer. But maybe that’s not the case.

It’s an interesting perspective. I don’t know that it really changes things for us too much, other than not worrying too much if you don’t get regular naps.

What will the future of fast marathons look like? Alex Hutchinson takes a look.

We’re all probably familiar with Mary Cain’s story now. Good news: she picked up a new sponsor in a somewhat unique arrangement.

Why and how to train your Vagus nerve. Don’t worry, you don’t know what your Vagus nerve is. Really, the key is mostly about how you breathe.

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