Don’t get too caught up in tech

I’ve written about not getting too caught up in tech while running. Listen to your body while running and use the tracking for after the fact analysis.

But what about other parts of your life? What about sleep?

In short, much like your running, don’t let the tech get in the way of getting the job done.

What’s the best evidence based strength routine? Instead of worrying about what’s best, we’re better off just worrying about what we will consistently do.

Speaking of sleep: High-intensity exercise in the evening does not disrupt sleep in endurance runners.

Could a keto diet be bad for your bones? It’s hard to put too much stock in one study but, if you are concerned about your bone health, this might rightfully give you reason for a bit of hesitation.

The skeptic’s take on altitude training. Note: This isn’t meant to be a balanced debate. It’s meant to present the side of the debate that is often not even considered. We usually don’t even consider it to be a debate so it’s interesting to at least read about and consider the other side.

I’ve discussed the pendulum swing of shoes in the past. While I surely didn’t predict the carbon fiber supplemented super cushioned racing shoes we are all now familiar with, they are a part of that pendulum swing and don’t be surprised if the pendulum does swing back at least some at some point.

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