Exercise as medicine

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original HillRunner.com Blogs.

I think most people accept that exercise is good for your health. Now, we have some evidence that it might also be a good medical intervention. Even as effective as commonly used medications, especially statin drugs which are very commonly used in lowering cholesterol of heart patients.

This is good news on a couple of fronts. First, on a personal front for those of us here, we’re doing good for our health. Just more proof of how good running or any activity is for us. Second, from a medical and public health perspective, this is an inexpensive treatment with fewer negative (and I’d argue more positive) side effects than the commonly prescribed alternatives.

More research on where exercise might be as beneficial as, if not more than, traditionally prescribed medical interventions should be explored. Maybe the results of this study will spur further interest in this idea.

On another note, I’m sorry I didn’t get anything posted last week. I do have a fairly short original post that should be ready to go tomorrow or Friday.

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