Learn from experience – yours and others’

One of the reasons I write this blog and share so freely of myself in other ways is because I want you to learn from my experience.

I had the great fortune early in my running life to learn from some very smart and very experienced runners and coaches. I know not everyone has been that lucky, which is why I feel a responsibility to share so freely of myself. Others have shared a wealth of knowledge with me, I feel the need to pass on that knowledge, as well as the lessons I’ve learned myself along the way.

Whether in success or failure, we should always learn from our own experience. Hopefully we can agree that this should be an obvious statement.

Beyond that, though, what if you can learn from the experiences of others? What if, for example, I explain what went wrong for me the past few years and what I’m doing to correct that? What if I share a lesson I learned long ago from the very smart and experienced coaches I’ve had the fortune to have as mentors? Will you learn from these and the other similar things I share?

I hope you will learn from not just your experiences but also my experiences and the experiences of those I have learned from. I hope the things you learn from the experiences of others will help you avoid making some of the mistakes others, including myself, have made.

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