March Update

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Hello one and all,

March was a pretty good month overall. While I only got 26 runs in for the month it was my fourth highest monthly total mileage ever. I ran a total of 212.90 miles in a total time of 28 hours and 13 minutes. That is some serious base training (for a recreational competitive runner.)

I had a minor injury issue that took me out of running for three days and I had a cold that made it tough for four days. Both of my calves were experiencing a lot of pain right where they connect to the Achilles Tendon – I could not run at all. But three days off and I was good to go. The cold – well – it was a cold.

This is turning out to be a great year so far. First quarter of 2015 I had only 42.52 (yes less than 50) miles. Compare this to first quarter of 2016 where I have 660.26 miles.

Add to this – fourth quarter of 2014 compared to fourth quarter of 2015 and you get a serious difference. Fourth quarter of 2014 was only 4 (four) miles. Fourth quarter of 2015 was 386.22.

So in the past six months I have run 1,046.48 miles compared to 46.52 miles over the same time period the previous year! That is 1,000 more miles!!!!!!

I am in a much better place now and looking forward to the change from base to race training.

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