Mindfulness training

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original HillRunner.com Blogs.

This is going to be a short post. I’m busy getting myself and Team HillRunner.com ready for Al’s Run and with a few other projects. I do have a longer post in the works but it’s not ready for today. Hopefully, I’ll have it ready for next week. It’s one I’m excited about.

This week, though, I came across this interesting article about mindfulness training.

While I haven’t always thought of it in this term, I’ve always been a fan of what is described there. The idea as I view it essentially boils down to being in the moment and remaining calm no matter what is going on. On race day, this means be fully aware of what’s happening right now and being ready to respond thoughtfully, not reflexively, to what goes on. If someone passes you, do you surge to get back ahead, do you try to go with them and attempt the pass later or do you let them go with the hopes you can pass them back later or the understanding that you just can’t hold that pace?

Of course, practicing listening to your body will help you naturally be more mindful on race day. Listening to your body is part of being mindful but it’s also more. It’s learning to not overreact, to remain calm no matter what happens. It’s remaining positive even in the face of a setback.

So practice being mindful, then put it to practice in your next race. I’m planning to put it to practice Saturday.

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