Eating disorders

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I’ve encountered a few instances recently that have made me realize how prevalent in the running world eating disorders are.

One of these instances that spurred this post was this article, written by Jenny Scherer. Another was an article on Suzy Favor Hamilton, who also had to overcome eating disorders.

I just wanted to address this topic not because I think this post alone will spur someone to seek the help they need but because I guess I had my head in the sand. I knew they existed but I didn’t realize how common eating disorders were in the running community. In recent weeks, I’ve heard of several runners I never would have guessed before who faced these issues.

I’m not even close an expert on this topic. I’m not posting this with the intent to offer advice, just to raise awareness. If you’re looking for advice, it would be know the symptoms and learn how to approach someone if you suspect a problem (there are things that definitely should be done and some things you might instinctively think of doing that should definitely not be done). If you see some symptoms in yourself, please consider talking with someone about what you see going on.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading more on symptoms and how we can help those in our lives who we suspect might need help.

If anyone knows of good resources, please share in the comments. If I find anything I find especially useful, I’ll be sure to share there also.

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