Push through the finish

Those last few steps of a marathon are tough but you can do it because you know the finish line is coming

Let’s be honest: 2020 has been a very difficult year. 2021 isn’t going to start off much better. We’re runners, though. We’re used to weathering the bad.

We’re getting closer to the finish line. We still have to get through winter but it’s now very reasonable to expect that things will get better throughout spring.

So think of this like running a race. To pick everyone’s favorite race to use as an analogy, we’re somewhere around the 22 mile mark of a marathon. Things are extremely tough right now. We’re worn down with restrictions and safety protocols. We’re beat down with the reports of numbers of people who have been infected and who have died. At this point, I would guess all of us know someone who has been infected and most of us probably know someone who has died, which takes a personal toll much deeper than just seeing the numbers.

We can clearly see how bad things are but, like at the 22 mile mark of a marathon, we’re almost through the worst. We can see that we’re close to the finish line. Relief is on the way. We’ll be sore after the finish line, it will take some time to return to normal life and training, but the worst of the pain is almost done.

I’ve avoided writing in this way about COVID but this is our time. This is our chance to use what we’ve learned as runners to get through this. The finish line is nearing. The coming miles will be tough but we’re runners, we’re used to persisting through tough challenges. Call upon your skills that you’ve developed as a runner to get through this.

Then, hopefully, we’ll see an at least somewhat normal racing schedule in the fall of 2021. Maybe you can even run a marathon, where you can deal with the challenges of a real mile 22, not the metaphorical one we’re facing now.

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