Reflecting on 30 years and 100,000+ miles

30 years ago this month, two friends talked me into going out for 7th grade track and I went to my first practice. I pretty quickly decided I actually liked running.

100,000+ miles later, here we are. What a ride.

When I was thinking a few months ago about writing on these milestones, I was thinking of a long winded recap of my running history with several inclusions of lessons learned along the way. Given the current state of world affairs and the fact that I’m simply not good at writing about myself, I decided to bag this.

Instead, I just want to thank the running community for all it has given to me. I’m deeply indebted for all I have gained from running. While I try to do what I can to give back to the sport, I feel like there is no way I will ever give back as much as I have received. I will keep trying, though.

Here’s to the next 30 years, though it will probably take a fair bit longer to get the next 100,000 miles.

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    1. Thanks Cesar and sorry for the late reply. Suddenly finding myself with very little free time.

      There are so many ways I could list that running has helped me. Most are probably tangential to running but I don’t think I would have come across if not for my running experiences. For example, while I’m still introverted in person, I am far more outgoing now than before I began running and I believe running played a role in that, teaching me to be less concerned about what others think of me and more concerned about just doing what I believe is right. Or the many lessons learned in what it takes to be your best at something, no matter how great your best is. Being your best at something is actually a somewhat universal skill. It requires commitment and maximal effort mixed with optimal rest. It also requires cutting through the BS and taking care of the fundamentals. That’s true in running and pretty much any pursuit out there.

      I’m greatly simplifying both points and there are many others but I think this gives you an idea of what running has done for me. I’m also wondering if it gives me a couple ideas for future blog posts. I know I’ve written about fundamentals but that’s a topic I could probably write about a few times a year and never feel like I’m writing too frequently about it.

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