Monthly report for August

This article was originally posted by Ed at the original Blogs.

Other than a great race performance August was a terrible month for my running. The month started off while I was camping in the woods – still hadn’t figured out the logistics of running and getting cleaned up after the run (got it now). So I did not run the first nine days of August. Then on the 19th I twisted my ankle and needed time off.

Ten days and five runs later I had a phenomenal race (see the race report.) I earned a new PR that was 52 seconds faster than the previous PR and in a race as short as a 5k that is huge.

All told – Only 105 miles. 15 runs plus a race. Just shy of 13 hours of running.

Next race is Brigg’s and Al’s run 9/19/2015 – a great team event – looking forward to another PR.

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